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Toronto Chapter 33 To Host ZOOM Meeting and Mart!


Hello Chapter 92 Members


Hope this subject line caught your attention. Yes, it's true, Toronto Chapter 33 is holding their first pandemic Meeting and Mart through the power of Zoom.  It's open to all of us and the Zoom setup is free and pretty easy to set up. You not only get to watch a great presentation on a very unique clock, you have an opportunity to view clocks for sale, or list your own clocks for sale. 


Our Chapters have been shut down now for 10 months. This is a great chance to learn and check out some great items for sale and even list some of your own. Lets show our support for Chapter 33 and maybe they'll make this a regular event.  If you have something you'd like to sell, and don't we all, get busy and send some pictures to Bob (read details below)  no later than Saturday.


Stay safe, and warm.



Rick Robinson

Chapter 92



Come join us on Sunday December 6, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. on Zoom as Chapter 33 has a virtual meeting and Mart.


Yes, you read that right – we are going to have a mart.  Please read on.


Here is the link to the meeting:


The Zoom app will work best on a computer or tablet.  Although you can use a cell phone it isn't recommended.  If you haven't used Zoom before, here is a link to a one minute tutorial video to show you how easy it is:


How to Join a Zoom Meeting - YouTube


At the start of the meeting Doug Thomson will show us some tips on how we can optimize the meeting experience.


Frank Servas, Secretary/Treasurer of the 400 day clock chapter will be making a presentation on "Grivolas, the only French Maker of 400-Day Clocks."  These are very rare and collectible clocks and you will want to see and hear Frank's presentation.


About the MART:

We are going to give you an opportunity to buy or sell your clocks, watches or horological items.  If you wish to sell an item, please take a picture or pictures of it and e-mail the picture(s) to Bob Pritzker ( After the presentation, the meeting host will show the pictures of your item and you can make comments and describe the item to the group.  If you are interested in buying an item, you can contact the seller directly at some time after the meeting or you can send an email to the Chapter ( and we will send your email to the seller. Each buyer and seller can make their own arrangements for completing the transaction.  If you have questions about the process, please send them to Bob.  Please send the photos to Bob no later than December 5 to be included in the mart.


Plan on joining us on December 6 at 2 p.m. We look forward to sharing the "TIME" together.

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