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April 23, 2023 Meeting
Horology in Art and Photography

Our first post-COVID meeting was a resounding success; well attended, friends meeting friends again, lots of great stuff for sale in the "mart", and a wonderful presentation by Rick Robinson about "Clocks in Art and Photography". Click on the image below to see his presentation,


Rick Robinson gave the keynote presentation entitled "Horology in Art and Photography".

Other presentations by Rick:

You will need a free pdf reader to see these files.

SilVenerus and his beans.png

Sil Venerus and his beans.

Victorian era.png

or if you prefer, download Rick's PowerPoint Presentation which includes his additional notes.


Going Further

1. "Clocks in Art" - The Metropolitan Museum of Art:

  • Website:

  • Description: This page explores the representation of clocks in various art forms, including painting, sculpture, and decorative arts. It provides a historical perspective and showcases artworks from different periods.

2. Master TimePieces - Seven Iconic Pieces of Art with Clocks at Their Core - Tag Huer

3.  14 World Famous Paintings and Works of Art about Time and Clocks - Dandelion/Chandeliere:

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures ...

The picture gallery below shows off most of the activities of the meeting. Sorry for the pictures - cell phone camera is what it is. 

One highlight worth mentioning - Sil Venerus was awarded a much coveted can of baked beans. Someone will have to remind me why he got it - something about getting lost on the way to the meeting?

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