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Useful Links

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Clubs, Interest Groups, Etc.

  • Southern Ontario Antique Clocks - Facebook Group - A group for discussion about anything as long as it involves antique clocks. Share your latest find, ask a question, or just say Hi and be social. This group is mainly for Southern Ontario people but welcome all.

  • Canadian Clock Museum - Showcases the heritage of Canada's many clock manufacturers and sellers from the early 1800's to the present.

Suppliers, Etc.

  • Time Savers -  TimeSavers is a worldwide distributor of clock parts and repair material, in business since 1975.

  • Butterworth Clocks -  Login with username butterworth and password butterworth to enter the site. Butterworth Clocks is the largest distributor of mechanical movements in the US, stocking over 300 different movement executions and 10,000 movements at any given time.

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