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February 2, 2020 Meeting: Clocks with dates. Clocks that go "boom"!

Feb 2 Meeting Collage.png
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Clocks and watches with dates. A clock that explodes. Chapter 92 members were treated to these, "marvelous" weather, and much more at the February 2, 2020 meeting.


A well attended meeting, despite the broad range of weather that covered Southwestern Ontario on "groundhog day" to hear about Clocks and Watches with Calendars by Rick Robinson (PowerPoint to follow soon). The presentation was accompanied by a number of timepieces brought in by members that exemplified clocks and watches with calendars.


Charles MaGee brought in his Siegfried Haller / Elgin 400 day known as the "German Time Bomb clock". It's a clock that can literally explode at any time. How cool is that! I definitely want one. 

We also welcomed new members and visiting guests and all of us were treated to delicious pastries made by Rose Robinson.

The "marketplace" featured many great items too.

Check out the pictures below. Hint - you can switch to a full-size high resolution image view if you double click the picture being displayed in the slide show.

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