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Remembering Cathy Koolen (View Obituary)


by Rick Robinson

I’m sorry to share this sad news, at what should be a joyous time of the year. On Christmas Day, we lost a great friend and champion of the NAWCC , Cathy Koolen. Cathy with the help of her constant wing man, Gerry, were king pins in our hobby from our local Chapter up through the Regional and National levels. Her constant dedication earned her the well deserved, Star Fellow Award.

Cathy was a teacher during her working life, and she carried that skill set into retirement as she become our Chapter President. Cath’ was, Chapter 92!

We’ll miss her smile, quick wit and organizational skills. She sure put together a pretty good regular meeting, but her Christmas meetings were always memorable as they had some sort of game involved that always had the crowd laughing.

Cathy, thank you for so many fond memories.                                                        

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