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Saint Peter's Lutheran Church, Zurich Ontario Tower Clock Restoration.

The clock has white facing and the numbers are roman numerals in a stylized black font. The hands are slim and black.

The building, including the tower and clock, was completed in 1878 and the large bell was installed in the tower. The tall spire is visible to the surrounding community, and as the church's website states, is a living testimony to the devout faith of these forefathers, and a constant reminder of God’s dwelling place to future generations.

The church was consecrated on the First Sunday in Advent, 1878. A school room was attached to the West end in which the beginner class met on Sundays and the confirmation class on weekdays.


The Church's website offers a unique inside view of the tower clock.

Find out more about George Hess, the builder of the St. Peter's Lutheran Church Tower Clock.

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