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October 1, 2023 Meeting

Click on the image to download the PowerPoint file. You must have PowerPoint on your computer to view this presentation. Enable editing so that you can view the YouTube videos that are in the PowerPoint.

Attached is another great newsletter from Chapter 33 announcing their upcoming meeting. There is also a great write up on their May Joint Meeting. The display of Black Forest clocks was amazing, along with another great Mart room. If you haven't made it to the largest clock show in Canada, it's well worth the two hour trip up the road.

Meeting will be at 10:30 with the silent auction wrapping up afterwards.

We have an interesting program lined up. Rather than picking a certain type of

clock, clock maker or repair method, we have something completely different.

Richard Dumala, our webmaster, has graciously volunteered to share a project he

has been working on over the past few months. Some time ago Richard bought a

French clock made by Japy Freres and he wanted to know the story behind the

man and the clock. In his presentation Richard will share his tips and tricks on

searching the vast world wide web to eke out the hidden info that the rest of us

might miss.

In keeping with our theme, we’re asking you to bring in any Japy Freres clocks you

have for the display. If you don’t have one, help us out and bring in a nice

example of a French clock of some sort. Display items are always appreciated.

Now for some business. It’s time to pay the Legion for the coming year, so we’ll

be collecting our $30 dues again. Please see Brian and Madison at the door to

settle up and get your 2024 name tag.

We’re always looking for items for the silent auction so search out your basement

for things you’d like to part with. I know you have “stuff” there.

I was talking to Gerry Koolen this week and he has decided to downsize a bit. He’s

bringing in some interesting items for sale. Some pictures further down.

Here’s an interesting link to a fantastic clockmaker. Thanks to Larry Green.

That’s all I have for now. If you need any more info, or would like to help us out,

give me a call.



Rick Robinson



Brian Melick – Membership

Madison Laprise – Treasurer

Charlie MaGee

Ted Arthur

This YouTube video is mentioned in the PowerPoint presentation "How I Stalk My Clock". It is about the English clockmaker John Harrison and his remarkable clocks. 

Daylight savings time ends November 5th. Time flies

Some of Gerry's items.

Gerry Lathe.png
Gerry Tools 2.png

Early 1800’s Maidens Dutch clock. Prior to this they didn’t have a dial. Only purpose of this clock was to wake up the hired help. This is the only example Gerry has seen in his extensive travels.

Gerry Maidens Clock 3.png
Gerry Maidens Clock 2.png
Gerry Maidens Clock 1.png
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